Couche de base en caoutchouc de couleur

Couche de base en caoutchouc de couleur


Color Rubber Base Coat flexes with your natural nails, preventing breaking or chipping. Once the rubber base is applied, you have the perfect base for your nail art creations. It completely hides the aesthetic imperfections of the nail plate, giving it a beautiful and neat look

Color Rubber Base Coat is easy to apply like a gel polish and if desired, creates beautiful structures even for beginners. Self-leveling quickly but not falling apart, does not run on side rollers and cuticles.

Made from natural resins, the Color Rubber Base Coat is low-odor, vegan and cruelty-free, and is comfortable on your nails and skin. With proper application, lasts longer!

Gelish Base Coat Gel Uv-If you need to buy nail tools; nail polish glue; water agent; functional glue; accessories, please contact us.

3837-TRJF Base en caoutchouc nu

The rubber base coat is nude color, matching any skin tone.This one has good efficacy and is easy to shape.It remains beautiful and allows you to create a sophisticated look.

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3837-XBY Base de couleur en caoutchouc

You’ll love our most popular multi-purpose colored base coat gel. It’s a colored rubber colored base coat that can be used not only as base gel but also as a colored gel polish and as a short extension.

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3838X-SWDJ Base de couleur scintillante salée

With the base coat at home, you can easily brush your nails and make them beautiful. The base coat is made of natural resin, harmless resin, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and high quality.

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