Gel de verre

Gel de verre


Glass Gel set, start your own nail art journey at home. They are made of natural resin and wear like a gel. It is a jelly clear nail gel. One layer, two layers, and three layers are different effects.

Glass gel polish makes DIY salon easier; Cures under UV/LED nail drying lamp, Glass Gel average LED light cure time 30-60 seconds, UV lamp 2-4 minutes. Apply 2 or 3 coats for full color.

Base Performance Shine Color Nail & Art Designs Gels System,Our gel polishes are made from natural resins with a non-toxic formula. They are low in odor, rich in color, medium in consistency, self-levelling, free of shrinkage and edges.

3683-SJQP Gel cristal translucide

A great design for the nails does not need to be too complicated. The simplest things can look extraordinary even with a transparent gel polish 3683-SJQP

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3533A-1708-HPLL Gel de verre ambré

It features a transparent colored finish that gives your nails a high-shine, glass-like look.

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3703G-QZWY Conte d'automne

Treat yourself to a gel manicure with this Jelly Glass Gel Polish. This polish is a coating of a rich but translucent color, which helps you create the effect of stained glass.

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