Gel fonctionnel

Gel fonctionnel


PERFECT SEAL: This Function Gel completely fills any space between the natural nail and extensions. It won't peel, chip, shift or fall off natural nails for up to four weeks.

Function Gel is nail gel, base gel and strengthener all in one. It can also be used as a slipping fluid, brush protector, and smudger gel. Save your time and money.

When you look at ordinary glue under a microscope, there are many holes that allow water to enter and break down, glue gel solves this problem. That's why Function Gel lasts longer than regular glue.

2077 - Spray ombre

Découvrez les ongles ombres sans effort et les gradients de couleurs transparentes avec notre kit de vernis à gel aérographe 2077. Spécialement conçue pour l'application de l'aérographe, cette formule de gel UV hautement pigmentée enlève les tracas de l'art nail mélangé. Atteignez les gradients, les ombes et les couleurs impeccables s'estompent avec nos vernis de gel aérographes adaptés aux débutants. Aucun diluant ou mélange n'est requis - il suffit de secouer et de charger dans un pistolet à ongles d'aérographe. Les pigments ultra-saturés offrent une couverture complète facile pour les touches de couleur vibrantes.

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3856 Gel de colle à pointe de l'ongle

Obtenez des extensions d'ongles dignes d'un salon avec notre gel de colle à pointe à ongles 3856. Cette formule de gel claire et solide fournit une liaison super plus forte mais flexible pour une application de pointe de l'ongle sécurisée. Le tube de compression pratique assure à chaque fois une application de colle sans gâchis et précise.

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DIY Résine UV

Our UV resin is easy to use and cures fast. With a super-glassy, high transparent finish and flexible finish, this transparent UV Resin is ideal for small projects.

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Base russe

The Russian leveling gel is a new upgrade base coat gel, which can structure the nails to create a nice curved and firmer nail. The material enables nail alignment, while fixing the natural and artistic effect

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This brush-on nail polish dries quickly without leaving any sticky residue and works on natural or artificial nail tips to top coat gel them in place.

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Gel de fibres

The UV/LED formula has slow and even self-leveling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odor-free and the gloss finish is permanent, giving you a high shine.

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Gel de pratique

3102-1185 One-Coat Testing Gel is a peel-off base coat gel, using resin base material, non-toxic, odorless, mild and non-irritating.

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Gel d'araignée

3852A-BSJ Spider Gel comes in a light formula that provides smooth and even coverage. The brush allows you to easily create perfectly straight lines, with nails that look like they have been professionally done.

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Feuille de transfert Gel

2058 Transfer Gel is a gel-based adhesive that is great for use in nail art and decal application. It's easy to apply, no mess, and dries quickly so you can get straight to the fun part!

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Gel de floraison

Our 2057 Blooming Gel makes gel nail polish automatically blur out cloudy, marbled, and other patterns. It's transparent and dries clear so you can see the beautiful colors inside clear gels.

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Diamant Colle Gel

The Diamond Gel is the one of the most innovative and exciting product in the nail industry. Its unique features such as extreme durability, sensitivity, comfort and flexibility gives you the best nails that you can get!

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3670-YHJ Gel de gypse à texture lait frappé

3670-YHJ Milkshake Texture Gypsum Gel is a new nail art gel. Easily create beautiful nail art design on your fingernails and/or your toenails with this simple step-by-step guide.

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