Faux Ongles

Faux Ongles


High-quality material: The fake nails are made of high-quality material, which is harmless to nails or body, sturdy and durable, and will not leave marks even if folded in half.

Various Sizes: 12 different sizes of nails. Even if they are accidentally mixed together, they can be distinguished quickly.

Easy to operate: Full coverage artificial nails are easy to trim, paint and apply, and keep the color well without separation or exposure, making your nails look natural and beautiful.

Multiple Occasions: Acrylic nail tips are perfect for professional nail art experts or nail art learners. They are not only great gifts for family and friends, but also perfect for parties, weddings, proms, Halloween, Christmas and more.

Reusable Environmental 3D False Nails Nude-We can quickly develop the latest and most innovative products in the nail market and have rich experience in customizing special products for professional customers and e-commerce customers. 

Appuyez sur Nail - Français

Nos conseils français pressants sont disponibles dans une vaste gamme de couleurs élégantes du rose rose classique au blanc, une presse française noire sur des ongles, une presse à pointe française rose sur des ongles et de superbes ongles de presse français Ombre. Les possibilités sont infinies!

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Appuyez sur Nail - Nail Art

Décorez vos ongles avec une presse tendance sur les ongles de notre vaste catalogue. Nos faux ongles pressants sont disponibles dans tous les styles imaginables - des solides chics aux modèles amusants aux paillettes éblouissantes et en strass.

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Appuyez sur Nail - Diamond Gem

Atteignez les manucures éblouissantes et réutilisables de qualité salon en quelques minutes avec nos ongles de presse de diamants. Le matériau flexible mince et les embellissements opulents de diamant et de papier d'aluminium se moulent confortablement à vos ongles pour une usure d'aspect naturel. En tant que fabricant de ongles de presse de premier plan, nous offrons des prix en gros et une personnalisation complète pour les marques de beauté, les étiquettes privées et les salons de manucure.

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Appuyez sur les ongles

Experience salon-perfect nails in minutes with our innovative press-on nails. Made with a flexible gel-like material, our press-on nails mold comfortably to your natural nails for a flawless look and feel.

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Clous à pression

MissGel's innovative ultra-thin soft gel nail tips make it easy to achieve beautiful, natural-looking salon nails in the convenience of your home. Ditch acrylics and gels - our bendable press-ons let you quickly create any look while protecting your natural nails!

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Formes d'ongles doubles

These basic dual nail forms are usually made of plastic, and they can be used multiple times if you're just using them on yourself. Made in the USA.

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Embouts en gel doux

Our exclusive soft gel formula allows for a much more comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-apply alternative to traditional acrylic nails.

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