Gel de vernis

Gel de vernis


Gel nails have always been a popular choice for women who want a longer-lasting manicure.

Gel nails are a type of artificial nail made from a substance called polymethylmethacrylate. They are popular because they look natural and are much stronger than regular artificial nails.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, it lasts up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, whereas regular nail polish lasts a few days before you see signs of chipping or wear.

French Vanilla Mani Foil Buttercream Gel Polish.We can quickly develop the latest and most innovative products in the nail market and have rich experience in customizing special products for professional customers and e-commerce customers. 

Duo Duo Sirène Dymaid Dimond Glitter Gel Gel Polon

3533A-5647-SSYSZMY - Duo Duo Diamond Cat Eye Gel Series contient des particules magnétiques à double ton qui présentent un effet oculaire à deux tons de couleurs de couleur dans un éclairage différent. Infusé de paillettes réfléchissantes ultra-fins pour une brillance de facteur wow ajoutée. Les particules magnétiques de haute qualité peuvent facilement créer des yeux de chat éblouissants dans divers styles. La formule transparente permet des looks simples ou en couches.

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Vernis à ongles en gel pour les yeux de chat à double couleur

Cette série de gels pour les yeux de chat 28 couleurs contient des particules magnétiques à double ton qui présentent un effet oculaire de chat bicolore avec un changement de couleurs scintillant par l'angle d'éclairage ou de vision. Les particules magnétiques de qualité supérieure s'attirent facilement pour créer des yeux de chat étonnamment brillants dans divers styles avec chaque passe aimant. La formule pure peut être portée seule ou en couches.

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3683/3688 Gel Polonais

This gel nail polish is made from high-quality raw materials to ensure product stability, and the product performance will not be affected in high temperature or low-temperature environments.

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3670 Gel Polonais

This gel nail polish is thinner viscosity than 3683/3688 series but highly saturated color, and most colors can get full coverage in one coat.The finish of this gel nail polish is glossy and protective.

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3689 Gel monocouche

Make the most of your manicure with our single-layer gel nail polish. This highly pigmented formula dries in just 60 seconds, and the shine lasts for weeks!

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3850-HJSY Fête Royale

Our highest value platinum glitter gel series offers a transparent base and wide color range of 72 vibrant shades using imported materials for a brilliant high shine finish.

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3650-SZJ Diamant Bling Paillettes

This gel polish is disco glitter gel. It is very suitable for dancing in nightclubs. It is a new type of glitter gel that is very popular on the Internet recently. This reflective glitter gel polish contains distinct crushed diamond effects under light. The medium viscosity allows smooth, easy application. Excellent self-leveling distributes glitters evenly without texture. The vibrant shades create an intense, dazzling finish. For more reflectivity, choose the 522-121D-MTX series. For a clearer base, opt for the 522-121-SSJ series.

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2020-MG Soupe aux Champignons

The Miss Gel Polish from the Mushroom Gel series is a beautiful, high quality product that makes your nail art perfectly beautiful and mysterious.

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522-121-XHLJ Rencontrez des paillettes d'or

Our colored glitter series consists of fine colored glitter plus small bright flakes for excellent reflectivity, optimal shine, and a wide range of versatile colors. Can be used alone or for ombre. This must-have product is extremely versatile and useful. Contains more glitter with slightly higher viscosity. Ensure even flake distribution when applying and curing may result in minor unevenness on the surface. We recommend using a thicker top coat or higher viscosity top coat to smooth it out.

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3703G-FGSH Rétro Luxe

Our 3703G-FGSH glitter gel polish is a platinum effect finish with superior coverage and pigmentation. It provides a flawless, glossy finish to last your manicure without chipping or peeling.

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3683-XRYY Île rocheuse d'été

This magical product features a mixture of holo sequins and very thin rock chips that when applied have a smooth finish. The dreamy and beautiful colors are outstanding when applied alone or as nail art.

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3688-SSXY Étoiles scintillantes et nuages scintillants

Get ready to dazzle! Our clear gel comes in star-shaped, cloud-shaped glitters and shimmer nail powder to add some glam and create a playful and cute look that makes you stand out.

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